My Fetish List

Things I like, things I might do and things I definitely do not do.

The Mix of Devine and Evil in the exactly right amount of both. Comfortable in my own skin, confident about my choices. Very easy going, humorous and respectful which I also expect from you. I have no problems adhering to your playbook, however I have thousands of scenarios in my head in case you are having troubles to think of one. I am a very passionate Domme and playing with me is a very intense experience. Highly empathic and strongly believe that every human being needs a personal approach and knowing my ways to do so. Oh, and I am quite a sadist. I am loving to see big boys cry and beg me for mercy.

Я так же свободно говорю по-русски. 日本語もよく話せます。

My personal kinks:

Discipline education & Slave training (from beginners to advanced)

Bondage & Shibari

Breath control

Face slapping


Impact play (specifically Flogging and spanking)

Spitting, verbal humiliation and all other sorts of humiliation

Latex and rubber play

Sensory deprivation

Forced feminization / Sissy play

Foot worship


Pet play

Hard limits:

Home visits

Sexual intercourse

Licking training


Side information that you might find interesting 

I identify as Queer / Pansexual. Google it. 

I am in polygamic relationship of various kind with several people of various genders 

I am strongly autosexual and yes, playing turns me on. 

I have practiced quite some martial arts for over a decade

BDSM is an expression of love, passion and liberation for me. I practice only what I like since

I am certain the genuine connection is important. 

Also, BDSM is a therapy and much more than just sex. In fact, if done right, sex is always much more than just sex. 

I studied art, politics and languages and worked in top management for several years.

I know how to make art and to boss people around.

I have a sense of humor and its pretty dark. 

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