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The beginnings

One of the most frequently asked question I get is how and when did I discovered my passion for kink and BDSM, The story is sort of romantic, one might say, and there it goes:

I was way under legal age to have sexual relationship and no, I will not tell you the exact number. Through my friends I have met a girl, who seemed to be different to anyone else I have ever met before. Something about her - and I could not put my finger on it - fascinated me, my soul, my deep down subconscious me. I did not know how right I was back then. She was ever so stylish, her makeup was always so perfect, but above all - her smile and her eyes... I felt so honored she would pay attention to me - she was 5 years older and back then it was a huge big number for me.

So once, on a nice sunny day during the school break my friends and me including Her went to the beach. Everything was regular - we played some volleyball, bathed, ate, drank, made silly jokes. The evening time was approaching and everyone was starting to pack and leave. I hope She would not leave too early. It looked like she does not want me to leave either, so we both stayed.

We were sitting at the water, in a little bay, watching a beautiful sunset. We were alone - at least I think so. But it was getting colder, so at some point she invited me to huddle up. We were sitting side by side wrapped in her towel. My heart was racing...

She kissed me! It was my first kiss with a girl, it felt like I would faint any moment - I have never felt so aroused from a simple kiss. She saw how excited I was. And than She stopped and said; "If you want, I can show you something more. Something, that would feel very good"

How could I say no to this offer? The words would not come out, so I nodded and it made her laugh.

She tossed away the towel, grabbed me by my throat and pushed me down on the blanket half laying on top of me, pushing my legs to spread with her knee and still holding my throat gently but firmly. I was hypnotized and obeyed. She untied my bikini, the top part of it and started kissing my nipples whilst her hand slipped into my slip. I realized how incredibly wet I was although I dried out after swimming, Not knowing much about sexual arousing and the fact that woman's body is able to produce a lot of juices I was so embraced i twitched and tried to move away. Needles to say, She did not like it. She grabbed my face and told me "You are going to move only when I say so. Understood?" I tried to mumble some words but she covered my mouth with her hand and shushed me.

She put her hand back and quickly found my clit. I honestly cannot say how much did it take Her, but I had a feeling I came almost immediately. She laughed into my blushing red face: "Open your mouth!" Her face was over mine. She removed her hand and I did, I expected a kiss but I got her spit. The World was upside down. she saw the confusion on my face.

"It's a gift, not a punishment. It is called The Domina Kiss. Remember it. Did it feel good?"

"Yes" - I was very perplexed. I do not know whether She knew, but it was my first sexual experience, I did have couple of boys I have dated, but I would never allow them to touch me down there, you know.

"Now it's your turn to make me happy. Do not worry, I will tell you how" - she said seeing the lost expression on my face.

It was getting dark and we were in that bay - Miss V laying with her legs spread with my face buried between them.

Our relationship did not last long. She played with several people and wanted to keep it casual. Of course, I was madly in love with her and I would not understand it. Besides, although I loved everything she would show me, I knew I would not let anyone else do this to me. She could do it, because it was Her. We talked about it and she laughed and said it's because I am "on the wring side" with her. I would not understand. She told me I might be a Domme myself, it is hard to say now, but I am more of a switch, definitely not a sub. And she suggested, we would stay friends and I should start playing with other people and trying to top them. So I did. And this is how it is all started, boys and girls.

Thank you for reading it and feel free to comment and share your first kink experiences.

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